My Buba Cream Frees
all the cows from the yard.

Your all time favorite! The world’s first store that offers you a sustainable magical refreshment! A mix of plant-based ice cream, chewy tapioca and flashy toppings.

Say what?!

Yup, 100% #plantbased and #planetfriendly!

You’ve never tasted anything like this. Choose from a unique variety of ice cold refreshing flavors made with the best quality ingredients. Lick it bite it or wait a while and let it melt so you can suck it up through a straw!  It’s kinda extraordinary.

Buba Cream changes the way the world eats ice cream.

Dis our way. The Buba Cream way.

Opening hours

7 days a week from
12.00am - 10.30pm

Don’t hesitate to reach out


Eerste v. Swindenstraat 389
1093 GA Amsterdam Netherlands

+31 6 85 54 85 51

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Don’t hesitate to reach out